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Discover Aviation Center was founded in 2013 at the Lorain County Airport.  It began in a  hanger that was donated to PHASTAR by Dave and Kathy Brown.  A Little bit about our parent company:  PHASTAR is a Northeast Ohio based, non-profit aviation corporation born out of a vision to improve the quality of public health, education and safety services in Northeast Ohio. The combined business/education model offers unique life experiences and learning opportunities for high school and technical education students, improving the efficiency and scope of local industry, air medical and public safety services. The vision begins with the launch of the Davis Aerospace and Maritime Academy also known as Aviation High School.

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Discover Aviation Center was founded to reach out to local area residents, particularly area youth, at the airport, in their community and at their schools.  We accomplish this by combining the talents of various aviation organizations that all share similar goals.  Discover Aviation Center can then mentor each individual with a passion for aviation and steer them towards the organization that best fits their needs.  If you want to learn to fly, we can introduce you to various flight schools, flying clubs and flight instructors.  If you want to learn to design and build an airplane we can get you to the Lorain County Radio Control Club or the local chapter (EAA 1252) of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  There is no more righteous path than a young person becoming a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol.  The International Woman’s Air and Space Museum at Burke Lakefront Airport  celebrates the achievements that women played in aviation’s history and the Cleveland chapter of Woman in Aviation International promotes and supports women in the aviation industry.

Our members are our backbone.  They believe in us and what we are trying to achieve.   With your help we will be able to strengthen the general aviation community, enhance the safety culture and grow the pilot population.