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Discover Aviation Center Flying Club

One Mission:

Our members grow the pilot community with public outreach, a shared safety culture, affordable flying in well maintained aircraft and continual aviation education and exploration.

One Vision:

Our members make safety their priority, share their experiences, both good and bad and utilize all resources including the FAA Wings Program to remain proficient and confident through continued education.

Frankenhawk Upgrade:

Get ready for that instrument rating in 2018! The DACFC is upgrading the avionics in the Frankenhawk so it qualifies as a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA).

Here’s what we are investing in:

Remove/uninstall the existing avionics. Install a serviceable Garmin GNS 430W WAAS/Com/Nav System and a new GTX 345 ADS-B out compliant transponder System with input capability. Install a new Garmin GS Artificial Horizon and GS HSI Systems. Install a Mid Continent TA I 02 dual USB power port on the instrument panel.

We also added new seat belts and a modern mixture control!

New switches and circuit breakers will turn this aircraft into a great instrument and commercial trainer.

 2013-08-06 14.18.54

“Frankenhawk” Cessna P172D

Piper Tomahawk


Buy In:$500 (refundable after 12 months) Monthly Fee $100 (non-refundable) Hourly Rate $70-100/WET!

The DACFC meets the first Saturday of the month.  Meetings and safety seminars are open to the public.  A light lunch is provided.


Welcome to the Discover Aviation Center Flying Club. Discover Aviation Center is a division of PHASTAR, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We started the flying club to:

  • Make Flying Fun.
  • Make Flying Affordable.
  • Make More Pilots and help them earn more ratings.
  • Enhance the safety culture of all pilots in Northeast Ohio.

Discover Aviation Center makes flying fun by offering you lots of reasons to come to the airport. We have a hanger that keeps our aircraft out of the weather and serves as a meeting place for many different types of events like cookouts, safety seminars and meetings. We collaborate with other nonprofits like the EAA and CAP to promote aviation and grow each other’s memberships and we organize fly ins and other events that include “Discover Aviation Day”.
Discover Aviation Center makes flying affordable by offering you well maintained older aircraft at reasonable rates. Our membership is set up to keep you in the air. The more you fly the less expensive the hourly rate.
We want to grow the pilot population by making more pilots and we don’t intend for you to stick around forever. Get your ratings from us then go buy your own airplane and hanger. We will still be here to offer you our annual training program and Safety Management System that you can use to build experience and confidence.
Discover Aviation Center Flying Club is the only flying club in the country who is actively pursuing approval by the local FSDO to enhance the regions safety culture by offering a pilot annual training in conjunction with the FAA Safety Team Wings Program and our own Safety Management System (SMS).  Our Safety Management System is being built because pilots make mistakes.  If those mistakes are shared, analyzed and recorded and we can provide that pilot protection from certificate action, then we can collect the data and build a training program designed around the specific needs of Northeast Ohio area pilots.
The Discover Aviation Center Flying Club believes that if we build a strong safety culture right here, then you will be a safer and more confident aviator and share your love for aviation with others.


Maintenance Director:  Michael Guenthner

Meet Mike Guenthner, Maintenance Director  for the Discover Aviation Center Flying Club. Mike has thousands of hours flying multiple types of aircraft.  After some time with the airlines, he chose a chief pilot gig operating jets out of the Atlantic Aviation hanger at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  Even with all the time in the world, an ATP and CFII, Mike still enjoys the kind of flying that we all started with.  Mike keeps all the logbooks for N8574X complete and up to date.  Mike also works with the Discover Aviation Center Safety Team to create standardized checklists and flying procedures that enhance our safety culture.



paul@discoveraviationcenter.org or vicki@discoveraviationcenter.org.